The gift of Apostleship

Posted on 17 Jan 2015, Pastor: Adam Weal
The gift of apostleship Good morning people of God. I’m excited to be back at Royal Oak. Today I will be preaching on the gift of apostleship. We will look at six characteristics of an apostle through the life of Paul. The Apostle Paul’s life is one of total commitment to God and we
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Home at Last

Posted on 13 Dec 2014, Pastor: Dr. Brad Kemp
Home at Last The story of the prodigal son tells of a young man who wanted to live life his way. However, it wasn’t until he realised what he had lost that he understood the value of home. While this world, as troubled as it is, is our current home, God tells us that it is not home and that he
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Lonely No More

Posted on 22 Nov 2014, Pastor: Pr. Neone Okesene
Lonely No More How was Joseph able to cope with loneliness when he was separated from his family at the age of seventeen and thrown into a world that was unfamiliar and hostile? Could what you are going through be similar to what Joseph went through? We could learn from Joseph’s
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